July 10, 2014


Hi Friends! We haven't had electricity in our apartment for about 18 hours, and I came to work early to escape the heat. What do you do when you come to work early? Look at pretty things on Etsy.

I love every single thing in this shop. The beautiful pieces in kealohajewelry are simple, elegant, and have an air of the tropics. We had an amazing time when we went to Hawaii in January, and I always find myself daydreaming about it. These pieces definitely remind me of the bright blue water and white sand beaches.  Here are a few things that I'd love to wear (hint, hint Dave).

clockwise from top: one | two | three | four

These pieces are things that you could easily wear day or night. I love those moonstone earrings (my promise ring is a moonstone!), and that infinity bracelet is gorg. And really, anything with initials makes my heart go pitter-patter.

Are there any pretty things you are drooling over on Etsy lately? Please share!

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