July 25, 2014


It's Friday, and tomorrow begins 8 days of vacation!! I have been counting down ALL WEEK! Here are five really cool things from this week.

Dave and I are going to pay for all of our gas and travel meals while we are travelling to Rochester to see our families with our coins. Yes, you heard it right. COINS. We have been saving our spare change for the past year, and we have enough to pay for gas and food for both trips! BOOM!

I made some new blog buttons! I think I'm ready to make the leap and start advertising on some blogs that I love to read. What do you think?

I saw this article on Buzzfeed last weekend, and I could have written this about me and Dave. Sometimes you love someone more than anyone or anything in the whole world. But sometimes reality is gross. Everyone poops.

I got my hair cut! I went in to the salon on Monday thinking that I was just going to get the same ol same ol (caramel highlights and a trim), but I ended up getting highlights with lots of copper toning and got my hair cut into a lob (long bob). At first I wasn't sold, but the next morning I woke up and was IN LOVE. I don't have a photo, but I'll have to get one for instagram or twitter. (ps, if you aren't following me there--who even are you?)

I'm not sure how clear about it I've been, but I know I've mentioned it. Dave and I are taking vacation next week. We are driving up to Rochester to see our family for a whole week. A whole week of relaxing and visiting, and togetherness and no dish washing. Love. I hope we will be able to sneak away for some alone time. I will be posting updates on my twitter and instagram there as well!

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