July 27, 2014


Dave and I just got to Rochester! We are spending our week of vacation this summer visiting family, and just relaxing in general. My brother recently graduated from high school, so we are also going home for his graduation party.

We are going to try to spend some alone time together, probably exploring in the Finger Lakes and maybe visiting wineries. It wouldn't really be a vacation if we didn't do any vacation-y things.

Even though I am really excited to go home and visit with everyone, I would much rather be visiting with everyone on the beaches of Hawaii. It kind of stinks that in the U.S. we don't have awesome vacation policies, and we are so limited in the time that we take away from work. It seems like whenever we can get a chance to leave Norfolk, Dave and I are heading back to Rochester.

I put together a little "bucket list" of places where I'd like to travel on a vacation. I thought it would be fun to think of places where we could go if money was no exception.

1. Thailand
2. India (esp. Taj Mahal)
3. Australia (Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House)
4. Chile (Easter Island)
5. France (the Louvre, Arc de Triomph, Eiffel Tower)
6. Bora Bora
7. Italy (Venice, Rome, Tuscany, (ALL))
8. Egypt (Great Pyramids, Sphynx)
9. Peru (Machu Pichu)
10. China (Great Wall, Clay Soldiers)
11. Road Trip Around the US
12. Iceland
13. New Zeland

I'm sure there are a lot more that I can't think of... this is something that I should continue to work on. Where have you been that should be on this list?

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