July 18, 2014


I love Friday. I look forward to it all week long.

The office is quiet. I usually get out of work early. And my post is always a random assortment of my thoughts every week. I kind of did that on Wednesday too, but I needed it this week.

Anyway, here are some of the cool things that went on this week.


I like to consign my clothes pretty regularly, and this weekend I took two bags over to Clothes Mentor and Plato's Closet. I got $28 from CM, which I bought these Born sandals (not the cutest, but necessary when you walk around a huge opera house) and this chunky necklace with, but Plato's gave me nothing. I gave the leftover clothes to our neighbor, so I still felt good about it.


Dave and I went to see Gogol Bordello play at a local concert hall on Wednesday. It was the first time I had ever been to a Punk concert, and I actually really liked it. I wrote about it as my favorite new experience yesterday for Sarah and Helene's #TotalSocial Prompt.

I joined my first instaswap!! I was matched with a really sweet girl from Oklahoma, and I started shopping and crafting for her yesterday. It is all very exciting. Our theme for this swap is "home is where the heart is," and it has been interesting trying to make and buy to that theme.


This didn't happen this week, but I found the pictures on my phone this morning and laughed in my car for about 5 min straight. On the fourth of July, Dave and Caroline and I were sending each other funny/weird faces. There were so many, but here are just a few:

Good times.

We are going to visit our family in exactly one week! I am so excited to spend some vacation time with Dave, our families and some of our friends. I have a dinner date planned with some of my college friends, and I am so excited to see them. I haven't seen them in two years!

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