August 28, 2014


DIY record shelf, easy project, vinyl record display

This was a super easy DIY project that Dave and I did one Tuesday night so that he could have a way to display what record he was currently playing on his turn table. His record collection is starting to get huge, and he loves to play each one over and over. Especially on the weekends.

This corner needed a little bit of sprucing up. All that was currently there was the handwritten lyric art that I made him for Christmas.

DIY record shelf, easy project, vinyl record display

This is one of the easiest DIY projects ever. Dave picked up a piece of 16 inch molding from the scrap bin at Home Depot on his way home one Tuesday night. We put some wall hangers on the molding, and hung it on nails, but then also secured it with some 3M tape. There is about an inch for the record to lean against the wall.

DIY record shelf, easy project, vinyl record display, record player

Here you can see how everything looks with the record player set up. I also framed one of my favorite birthday cards that Dave has ever given me, to create a mini gallery wall. It is a cute little music corner we have got going on so far in our tiny apartment!

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