August 8, 2014


Hey Guys! We made it through another work week! Everyone give yourself a nice pat on the back. I love these little weekly recaps, because they are a place where I can share my most random thoughts and ramblings :)

ONE | I participated in my first insta-swap!! That was one of my goals for the month of July, and though technically it was an August swap, we did all the shopping and mailing in July. I thought it was so fun to meet someone new and to shop and make things for her. The theme for last month's swap was "Home Sweet Home," so one of the gifts I included was a mug with her home state of Oklahoma on it. It ended up breaking in the mail, so I am sending her a new one today.

TWO | I received my package from my swapper on Tuesday! She filled it with such cute goodies, most of which she made herself! She makes the most beautiful jewelry, and she even included some really cute coasters as well. Her shop is called A Jones of All Trades, and you can check out her products on Etsy.

THREE | I think we have a venue and probably a date for the wedding! Most of the venues that we looked at were booking two years out (OMG) so it looks like we are looking at July of 2016. We are putting the deposit down on Monday, and then I will share some photos with you.

To be totally honest with you, our small bit wedding planning so far has been a little bit difficult for me, because I am not there to see everything myself. I am a little huge control freak, and putting all my trust into my mom and Dave's mom and doing everything over the phone and photos will be a true test of my patience. I know that it will all be worth it in the end, and that I shouldn't worry about it so much. They have both gone above and beyond so far, and I am beyond thankful for their help.

FOUR | I mentioned on Twitter the other day that I was conned into buying mineral foundation by a kiosk at the mall. Usually I hate stuff like that, but I am such a sucker. If they told me I have nice feet and I would buy a pair of socks from their little kiosk.

I regretted buying the makeup because it was super expensive, but I have been using it for the past few days, and I'm actually really liking it. It is some Italian off brand version of Bare Minerals, but it doesn't have any harmful ingredients, and it makes my skin feel amazing.

FIVE | I cannot wait to relax this weekend. The week back to work after a vacation is always a killer. I am hoping that we can go grab some seafood, and maybe go sit at the beach. I am also currently writing the Supertitles for the first show of the season at my work, and they are nowhere close to being done. They are due next week, so I better get my rear in gear!!

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