August 29, 2014


mistakes are proof that you are trying, quote, yellow

Lately I have been making a bunch of stupid mistakes at work. Nothing horrible, but any mistakes are more than I'd like to be making. It kind of sucks, because I was feeling really confident, and all of a sudden... boom. My confidence out the window. 

This summer we went through some major staffing changes and a few cut backs, and now we are all trying to get used to some new responsibilities. It has been difficult for me to maintain my previous responsibilities while adding on so many new things. I have been working long hours to stay on schedule with our season.

Things were going well for a while, but I knew eventually mistakes were going to start happening.

I found this quote on Pinterest yesterday, and it was the exact thing I needed. As frustrating as it is to make mistakes when you are trying so hard to multitask and manage a large work load, mistakes are proof that you are trying. 

And I am trying. I am trying to prove that I can handle the responsibility and keep my job in this tough job market. But with employees these days generally so overloaded with work, how are we expected to not make mistakes in the workplace? Is that just me putting pressure on myself?

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