August 1, 2014


And July FLEW by. Seriously. I feel like my goals this month were much more attainable since I only had a couple of them instead of a ton.

Just to recap my goals from the month of July:
  1. Get my butt in gear for the 10k I signed up for in September. No. Still working on it.
  2. Join an insta-swap. I did this! I mailed it out before we left, and I'm expecting to come home to a box full of goodies from my swapper. if you want to follow along on instagram, our hashtag is #august2014instaswap and I was partnered with @ajonesofalltrades
  3. Have a date day in the Finger Lakes with Dave. OMG. More on this at a later date.
  4. Make some pinnable images for old posts, and create a Popular Posts page. I did update the pinnable images, which you can check out on my Always, Al board on Pinterest. You can also check out my popular post page here!
Now for some goals for the month of August:
  1. Drink 2 water bottles per day. I have been seriously lacking in my hydration, which I think is one of the factors that is allowing me to get so many headaches. I don't really care what size they are, as long as I am getting two plain water bottles. Not coffee. Not tea. Water.
  2. Actually exercise. It has been on my goals for June and July, and I haven't done it. I am committed to a race on September 20, so I seriously have to get moving. My gym membership just expired and I plan to join Planet Fitness.
  3. Wake up earlier. Lately I have been laying in bed at night and playing on my phone, which makes it really hard for me to wake up in the morning. If I can turn the phone off, I should be able to wake up earlier. I would love to work out in the morning (see #2) and feel refreshed for the rest of the day.
  4. Let go of negativity. I find that I spend a lot of time (especially at work) angry or annoyed, and then I tend to carry that home with me. I want to be able to just let it go, and not sweat the small stuff. There are so many things that I can't control, and I shouldn't spend my time worrying about them.
  5. Sponsor some blogs. I feel like I'm ready to start increasing my reach in readership, which means I need to sponsor some blogs I love. I created some more buttons, and I just need to take the leap and do it.
Do you have any goals for this month? What do you feel is an attainable goal level?

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