August 20, 2014


I'm sorry for my absence lately... I had a large project to finish for work that was due Saturday, and I have been working on it non stop. It was a really big powerpoint presentation, so I felt a little burnt out from using the computer.

I also had a bunch of charity events going on this week/weekend, which also funnily coincided with the popularity and hype of the ALS ice bucket challenge.

Dave and I both work at non-profits, so giving is at the center of our lives. He works at United Way in the Fundraising department, and I work in the arts. We both fully believe in the non-profit business model, and want to see other groups succeed as much as possible.

giving to MDA lock up, MDA event

Last week, I was able to be a part of the Muscular Dystrophy Association's Annual Lock Up. I raised almost $600 for research, clinic time, and flu shots for children with Muscular Dystrophy. Dave and I also attended United Way night at our local baseball park, and took part in the ice bucket challenge.

Even though the only group that I have a personal connection with out of these three groups is United Way, I did my best to raise money, as well as made personal contributions to each one of them. I think that the more we can help each other to survive and succeed, the better off our communities will be.

This has been on my mind a lot lately as I have seen many people posting negativity about the ALS ice bucket challenge. Many people say that this "is just a fad," or that people are dumping ice on themselves so that they don't have to give.

You know what. That's okay.

Giving can mean many things. It can mean giving your time, giving goods or money, and even spreading awareness. The ALS foundation has benefitted tremendously from the ice bucket challenge, and so every person who takes part and spreads the word is giving toward this success just a little bit.

Every charity and organization has a different mission. Many are fighting illnesses, some are fighting social injustice and some are bringing services to the community. Find one that you connect with, and give to it.

So... what I'm trying to say (sorry for being such a serious Sally today!) is that you should be proud of giving! If you are making a difference, and helping an organization to achieve their goals, that is something to be proud of. It isn't bragging or being on a high horse, but being a contributing member of society.

Get out there and find a group that you connect with! You will make a difference!

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  1. You have a very amazing view-point. So many people see this recent ALS ice bucket challenge as a fad, but as you said, this raises SO much awareness. And the ALS foundation has had record donations this year. Now every couple months if we could just share this wealth among all the charities!


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