September 27, 2014


Hello kind readers. I wanted to say a quick thank you for coming back and reading day after day. I know I haven't been as present as I might have been over the past few weeks. I promise I will explain a little later.

I wanted to pop in very quickly to show you these little monogram prints I made for two of my sweet friends. They are both teachers, and I thought these would be nice little gifts to have on their desk or classroom wall. They are simple burlap canvases, which I painted their initials on with leftover paint from my DIY chalkboard.

These are very small. Maybe 6x8 inches? They were the perfect size for those bubble wrap envelopes that the post office sells. I love sending friends little trinkets and things in the mail. I know that when I get things in the mail it makes my day- so I like to pass that on. Especially handmade things.

I hope you all have a good weekend!

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