October 31, 2014


Happy Halloween guys! I hope you all are living it up and going to parties or trick or treating tonight. I'm working (blegh!), but I think there will be candy, so that will be fun and delicious.

I have to admit. I'm on the fence about wearing costumes to work for Halloween. I am all for holiday spirit, but some people take it too far. Our receptionist today was wearing a full on pirate costume. Complete with eye patch. Too far. I feel like showing your spirit with a subtle touch is more appropriate for the office. Maybe some nail polish or a hair do?


I made these cute little "mummy" inspired pigs in a blanket for a pumpkin carving party last weekend. They were so flipping cute, and the whole tray got eaten in about 20 minutes. I served them with a little cup of dipping mustard and they were really good. I made them by wrapping beef little smokies strips of crescent roll dough. Pinterest for the win!


I recently posted this article on my personal facebook page. I actually heard the interview that this talks about on NPR, and I don't think the Huffington Post captures it quite right. It was about how a woman can be interested in different things just as a men can. You can be interested in makeup, politics, sports, music, fashion. All of those things make a multi-layered person, which is good and interesting. If you love finance, be interested in that. If you love doing hair, be interested in that. If you love both, that just makes you, you.


I have a serious case of wedding brain. This bouquet that BHLDN posted on their Instagram is one of my biggest inspirations lately, and includes all of the colors in my pallet. Also, I saw this t-shirt on pinterest, and seriously considered making something like this for my bridesmaids. I'm working on their "proposal" packages right now, and they will be sent soon!

I swear, I just about died from laughter in my cubicle at work today when I read Sarah's post "Is This a Costume?". Died. My friend and I were just talking about those stupid costumes that are just less clothed versions of things. Like sexy lobster, sexy hamburger, and sexy cotton candy monster (I kid you not. Those are all real costumes). Sarah just knocks it out of the park with the rediculous photos and gifs.

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