October 18, 2014


With the leaves finally starting to change and the weather becoming cooler here in Norfolk, my wardrobe is making the shift from summer to fall. I have been adding pieces slowly, such as the buffalo plaid dress I shared a couple days ago.

I feel like these colors can really all be considered neutrals, which I love. I love wearing a nude or light grey on my nails for everyday, but sometimes like to shake it up a little bit with a chocolate brown or bordeaux which is all the rage right now. I also feel like sage is such a staple for autumn, even though it isn't really one of the normal "go-to" colors. And it can totally also act like a neutral.

Zoya Louise - $9
JINsoon Nostalgia - $18
Essie Bordeaux - $8.50
Formula X Extraordinary - $10.50
Essie Vested Interest - $8.50

Do you have colors that you reach for when the weather gets chilly? I'd love to hear about them!

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