October 28, 2014


This has come to be my "fall uniform." It's easy. It's comfortable. I get to show off my new boots. Everyone wins.

The weather here has been low 70s/upper 60s, so it isn't quiiiite jacket weather, but I'm just gonna go with it and say yes because I'm ready. To tell you a secret, sometimes I get hot in the car and have to turn my AC on or else I'm dying.

I actually bought this jacket when we went to Hawaii in January. My dillemma was that we left Norfolk in Winter, and were going to arrive in mid 80s weather (summer!) so I needed something light to wear on the plane. Now it's working for me in the fall. #makingitwork
Fall Uniform

Some of these things are not totally accurate, because I couldn't find the exact ones on Polyvore. But really, if you don't know what a pair of black leggings looks like, you are living under a rock. Let me just say.

Utility Jacket - (old from Forever 21) similar
Black Leather Bag - TJ Maxx
Black Leggings - Target
Cat Eye Sunglasses - Forever 21
Purple Pashmina Scarf - (Street Vendor in NYC) similar
Brown Leather Boots - DSW

So there you have it! If you saw me walking down the street, you'd probably see me in this outfit (or a combination of these). Be a friend today and follow me on social media or bloglovin, so that you are the first one to know when a new post comes out!

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