October 3, 2014


Not going to lie to you guys. I've been having a little bit of writer's block. BUT. This post has been scheduled for a little bit, because today is one of my favorite people's birthday.

In honor of this sweet girl's 25th birthday today, I want to talk about one of my favorite memories from college. Which is also where these amazing pictures come from. 

Meghan and I were introduced to each other during our Sophomore year of school when we were both preparing to be bridesmaids in a friend's wedding. We immediately became fast friends. 

When we really became friends, it was Halloween weekend, and we were both going to our friend's costume party. I was planning to be Dora the Explorer, and she and our other friend were going to be CatDog. 

Flo from Progressive, CatDog and Dora the Explorer
It was the day of the party, and Meghan hadn't even started the CatDog costume. She knew that I liked to do crafts, and that I had the day free, so she asked if I would help her. We spent the day drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee, telling jokes and stories and making the costumes. 

After that day, she and I were best friends, who could talk about anything. We certainly have our differences, but that is part of what makes us such good friends. 

Happy Birthday Meghan! I am so proud of you, and all that you have accomplished this year. I miss you so much and hope that we can see each other soon! Love you!

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