October 20, 2014


Many of my friends know this about me and tease me relentlessly. This has been a fear that has plagued me since childhood. I'm not exactly sure where this fear originated, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with seeing them scampering around my neighborhood at night with those glowing eyes.

Is it rational? Absolutely not. Is it real? You betcha.

I am afraid of raccoons.

They are evil little cunning creatures and they are not to be trusted. Haven't you seen those videos circulating the internet? (And that is a mild example. They attack things.)

It has gotten so bad that once, Dave and I were walking home from the grocery store and the sun had just set. Just as we walk up the driveway, we see the worst thing that we coul ever see. A momma and baby raccoon were sitting on our roof. I froze, and started bawling. I couldn't get any closer, and how dare they sit on my roof.

I may be 24 years old, but fear cuts deeper than swords.

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  1. aww... I agree, me no likey!!! I totally giggled at the devil drawing over the photo!

  2. Haha aww I think they're cute! Granted I've never been really close to one (that's probably best).


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