November 28, 2014

Five on Friday: Five Shoppers You Might Encounter on Black Friday

Happy Black Friday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday yesterday, and that you have your stretchy pants on today because your bellies are full of delicious food. I haven't been Black Friday shopping in years. I do like a good deal, but I prefer to do my shopping online.

Since people are cray, and I love gifs, I thought I'd entertain you with a nice, fun holiday list of the five kinds of customers you'll meet on Black Friday.

1. The Man (or Woman) on a Mission. This person has a very specific list, and they're sticking to it. They are out to get deals, and they probably feel a raging sense of accomplishment when they finish all their holiday shopping in one fell swoop. (alternate name for this person: The Jason).

2. The Bulk Buyer. Six 40 inch screen TVs. Five laptops. This person buys big items for every member of their family. Is a stockpile of electronics really necessary?

3. The Black Hole. This person buys things purely because things are on sale. They spend the same amount of money (or more than) they otherwise would have, because they are buying in excess. Sometimes I wonder if they don't look at what they purchase before they buy it.

4. The Girl Squad. They're here for fun, laughs and to shop till they drop.

5. The Linebacker. You know the type...They need that $12 waffle iron so much that they aren't afraid to get nasty. They will plow through a crowd and trample anyone in their way. Beware. This is where actual physical injury gets involved.

Well my friends, I hope you all have luck with your shopping! I'm going to be enjoying some coffee and finishing up some bourbon pecan pie that I made for dinner last night!! It was so delicious, I will be certain to share the recipe with you soon!


  1. this is awesome... Hubby was #1 last night and I was #3... complete opposites LOL

  2. Haha this is great! But this totally shows me why I don't go out on Black Friday. I do not want to encounter the Linebacker ;)

  3. Bahaha!! My mother-in-law and I were number one LOL!


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