November 3, 2014


It's been a few minutes weeks since I updated you on our Great Purge. We are working slowly but surely to get out the clutter and deep clean the apartment. Dave's mom is coming to stay with us for a couple of days at Thanksgiving, so it's our goal to have everything done by then. 

I am a list maker. Some time I will have to show you my list making strategy for work--it's quite extensive. I find that if I don't make lists, I forget things, and they are usually dumb little things. It's just easier to write things out, and then I always feel accomplished when I can cross them off.

When we were planning the great purge, I knew we had to make a series of lists. Instead of making one giant list, it would be easier to tackle this project if I wrote down all the tasks we wanted to accomplish and separated them by room. 

You can see that I started by outlining each of the rooms in our apartment. Then I listed all of the things I wanted to accomplish in that room. There is a combination of purging, deep cleaning, and replacing to do in each room.

Normally we would try to do this type of cleaning in the springtime, but we have so much stuff in the house that I just can't bear it. Plus, with my future MIL coming to visit, the apartment needs to look its best!


  1. What a list! But I think going room by room will make it doable, like you said!

  2. I love how you broke such a big project down into smaller tasks! That's so much more manageable and you can see progress along the way. I'm a list maker too and there's nothing like crossing things off a to-do list. Sometimes I even add things that I did that weren't on my list initially... just so I can cross them off :) Good luck with your decluttering!

  3. That is differently a long list and looks so intimidating. However I love how you split it up. It's an organized way of organizing it looks easier to tackle when you do it section by section.

  4. Love the list! I'm a list-maker, too. I can't wait to hear how it goes!


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