December 18, 2014

Have a Cozy Christmas

One of the things that I enjoy most about the holidays is how cozy Christmas morning with your family is. I have memories of spending that morning in my pajamas, opening presents and eating french toast with my brother and sisters while music was playing. To me, being comfortable with the people you love is the ultimate vacation.

Now that we are adults, and traditions are evolving and changing, we try to keep that cozy feel. Christmas has just become much more busy. We might be traveling, be it short distances, or long. We might be sitting in the movie theater to see the newest movie that has been released, or we might be in our tiny apartment cooking up a storm.

I was asked by ModCloth to take part in their Holiday Sweater Style Challenge, and create an outfit based around their holiday sweater of the week. I went with the theme "Cozy Christmas" to create a look that I would wear to keep cozy while traveling, visiting with family, or going to the movie theater this Christmas Day.

I'm loving these polka dotted jeans (DIY in my future?) as well as the bow hair clips. I've become a little obsessed with bow jewelry lately. I think the nutcracker sweater is darling, but if that's not your cup of tea, ModCloth has tons of holiday sweaters on sale. They also have an amazing gift guide that you should check out for last minute shopping!

What is your favorite part about the holidays? Do you like to be cozy on Christmas? 


  1. Love the sweater! Great outfit!

  2. I looove that sweater. So simple and cute! & I'm with ya on the cozy factor. There really is nothing better.

  3. Definitely. If it was socially acceptable to wear pajamas all the time, I totally would.

  4. That outfit is so cute! I love the dotted pants. Being cozy on Christmas is the best. I'm 25 and I still go to my moms house every Christmas eve just so I can relive my childhood Christmas morning haha

  5. It is the best!! If I lived near my parents, I'd totally do the same thing.


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