January 9, 2015

Five on Friday: I Can't Even.

We have reached Friday again my friends. That means I will induldge myself with a nice little brain dump of five things that have been going on in my life, things I'm excited about, or really basically anything. Just a forewarning, this whole post has "I can't even" written all over it.

ONE | I've got nothing this week. For real. Nothing to write. And I think part of it has to do with the fact that I came back to work this week, and now my office looks like this:

It's a little bit overwhelming. I'm just trying to get through those piles. I tried to write something for Thursday, and nothing came to my fingers. #badblogger

TWO | Dave and I are giving blood tomorrow, and I have to admit, I'm a little bit scared. I haven't given blood in a few years, and last time it hurt pretty bad. I have O neg blood, which is pretty rare (I think?) so if I can give, I like to. Plus, we are going to go to brunch after at this really good place called Citrus. I'll deal for some good brunch.

THREE | I know it's been overdone, but why is it so freaking cold? I thought I moved to the south. It's not supposed to be this cold. We have one tiny heater in our apartment, and it does not keep the place warm, let me tell you. Electric blankets and space heaters for all. 

FOUR | We went to Ikea last week and bought the BEKVAM kitchen cart. We plan to turn it into a bar cart, which should be a fun (and interesting) project. We also picked up a few storage solutions, so that we can finally finish the great purge. 

I am a total loser and didn't send out Christmas/New Years/ any type of holiday cards. And I don't really have any excuse, because I had time off of work starting the 23rd. I like to do New Years cards, because that is when things sort of settle down a little bit, and it is still during the holiday season. This year with my family visiting though, I totally dropped the ball. And the worst part is... I bought the cards and stamps, and they are sitting on my kitchen table just waiting to be written and addressed. I can't wait until we have nice photos (ie: engagement photos, wedding photos, etc) to use and just pop them onto something from Shutterfly. That seems like something I can handle. 


  1. Girl you sound like me! The week after the holidays is always rough! Cannot wait to see how the bar cart turns out!

  2. Ha! It sounds like this week many of us are unfortunately...
    We will have to unload it from the car first, and then we can get it started :)


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