February 2, 2015

Apple or Android?

Hello friends!

It's about that time. Time for me to upgrade my phone. I've had my iphone 5 for about two and a half years now, and its starting to break down. Apps shut while I use them, the memory is almost full. Calls sometimes just go right to voicemail because they feel like it.

I've been back and forth on the Apple and Android trains for a couple of years, and honestly I like both. Now that both are available in very nice phones, I am at a loss. This is where I need your help. This might be the biggest #firstworldprob ever, but I'm about to spend a little bit of money (as you usually do) to upgrade my phone, and I need help!

The showdown:

1. I have been an iPhone user for a long time. I had one before I moved here, and then upgraded my phone to a Samsung Galaxy for a short time. We switched providers and I switched back to an iPhone because it was the free choice. (+1 Apple)

2. I have a chromebook, and use Google Docs, Calendar, Gmail, etc. extensively. All of that would be at my finger tips on Android. (+1 Android)

3. I'm looking for something that will act as my main camera. I don't own a DSLR or anything, and I just never carry my point and shoot because my phone works just as well. The Galaxy Note 4 has the best camera on the market right now. (+1 Android)

4. This sounds stupid, but there are so many better cases for iPhones. I want to get a case before I switch my phone, and even just browsing it is clear that there are much better accessories for Apple products. (+1 Apple)

5. General point. Dave has an Android phone, and I'd be able to use one of his chargers as an extra at work. However, I already have a car charger for my iPhone. (Tie Apple/Android)

I'm really at a loss,  and could really go either way, which is why I thought I'd bring it to you beautiful people to see what you think! If I go with an Apple, it will most likely be an iPhone 6 plus. If I go with Android, it will probably be a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Both will cost the same amount with my upgrade and trade in to Sprint.

I'd love to hear what you have to say! Do you have experience with one or the other? 


  1. I prefer Android because you can always add more memory to it if you need to, but there's absolutely no option to do that with Apple.

  2. I had a galaxy for two years and switched to the iPhone 5s and have had that for almost a year. I prefer the iPhone because of how streamlined and simple it is; I like that I don't have widgets all over my screen. I also love iMessage and group texting and would hate to give that up if I went back to my android.

  3. I had the iPhone 5 for over two years and it was alright. Honestly I got it for imessage and because of the cute cases. I just switched back to an Android and I had forgotten just how much I love them. I have the Galaxy S5 and its amazing. I use Google for everything and it all syncs up so easily with my phone. Chrome > Safari any day. Swipe texting is the bomb. I am so lazy and this is just so much easier. The best thing about the Galaxy is the camera. Every picture on my blog (after I switched from the iPhone) is from the Galaxy. I love it!!!

  4. I'm an Apple fan all the way!! I vote iPhone!!

  5. That's so funny! Every picture that I take is on my phone too! (Hence why I need a good camera). Thanks for sharing!!

  6. I've been an apple person for so long! So many good things but that camera on the note is so tempting!

  7. Android! Apple is a great company, but they will change one little thing and try to sell it as a new phone (i.e iPhone 5, iPhone 6). Take that same new "thing" on a android, and you can just download a new app! Plus, Apple has all it's memory built in the phone. You can use a card with Android to save your pic's etc.

  8. I have always been an android girl, until the iphone 5c made it affordable to own an iphone. I have since switched back to android, as I have a new carrier. The thing I absolutely hate about iphones is the inability to add additional storage. I know they offer icloud, but that is an additional cost after you use the free amount they give you. I was constantly deleting apps and pictures to add new ones. I also hate the way itunes works. Only being able to sync with a certain amount of devices, only being able to delete things when logged onto itunes, which you have to download onto your computer. Now the functionality of the actual phone was great and I can't complain about that.

    You have more options with android devices. Android phones these days can compete equally and some better than the iphone. I currently use the LG Volt. I would prefer a Galaxy or Note, but that is what I can afford at this time. It is a great phone, great screen resolution, average camera, great size, great features, only negatives is it has a few annoying glitches now and then. Otherwise no complaints. It even has the ability to do that sharing thing where you tap it against another like device. It's the little things... ;)

    As for your concern with finding a variety of phone cases, go online to look! Again, there are TONS of android phones and only one iphone. I think that is why they dominate in stores. I found my cover on Amazon and screen protector, both for less than $10. And my phone case was even better in person! Exactly what I wanted!

    Good luck! Let us know your decision!

  9. We love our andriod phones. We are not planning to ever go back to apple.

  10. I really love my galaxy but the camera just sucks. If my camera was as good as my iPhone camera i would never go back to apple.

  11. I have an iPhone 6 and LOVE it. I have access to all of my google docs, and it is a more user friendly phone in my opinion. I have friends with Androids and they hate them, they also do not last as long. I have heard from several people that once you have it for about a year it's too outdated to really do anything new. With Apple the IOS updates are still going back 3 generations of phones, and you know the timeline on this since they always have it the same way. If you were to get the iphone 6 now, there will likely be a new ios in about a year when the 6s (or 6c) comes out, but your phone will still work fine with it. Then a year after that when the iPhone 7 comes out you will be eligible for an upgrade again.

  12. I saw in a future post that you end up with Android, but I'm a huge Apple lover. I bought my MacBook in 2013 and about a month later I traded in my Galaxy S3 for an iPhone 5s. My husband currently has the Galaxy S5 and loves it. Both brands are awesome, but I think for compatibility reasons, I'll be sticking with iPhone and upgrading to the 6 soon :)

  13. I did end up with the Note 4. Mostly because I'm now using a chromebook as my computer, so it is easier to interface with that. Thanks for your suggestion!


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