February 27, 2015

Five on Friday: All the Snow

The end of another week. So glad, because I need this weekend SO MUCH. Happy Friday everyone.

one | I was really looking forward to some snow in February. Except then we had two snow days, and everything got really behind at work. There are hardly any plows in Norfolk. Main roads get plowed but secondary and side streets almost never do. The only way roads become drivable is from people driving on them over and over. #dumb

two | Because of so much snow, we've been watching SO much Netflix and Amazon Prime. Does anyone have any good recommendations?

three | On our snow day from work yesterday, Dave and I were putting away some laundry. I finished and went back to my computer (I worked from home), and when I looked up, he had a pair of my skinny jeans on. He was prancing around asking me if his butt looked big in them. I just about fell off my chair laughing. Then I proceeded to make him try on a whole bunch of other stuff. I wish I had a picture. Oh Davey. 

four | I love this coffee mug from PrintableWisdom on Etsy. I need a little bit of inspiration and encouragement lately, and I think this could be just the ticket!!

five | We're going to visit our friends for the weekend! I've been looking forward to this for a long time, and I can't wait to hang out together and relax. I love these guys and I'm so excited to spend time as a group.

Enjoy your weekend friends!


  1. We've had a ton of snow, too! I am beyond cabin fever. I have a Jeep, otherwise we wouldn't have made it out at all last week. Ugh. We love Mad Men and now we're moving on the House of Cards. That mug is gorgeous! Hope you guys have a fun time this weekend!

  2. #3 I wish you would have taken some photos also.

  3. Loving The Blacklist and The 100 on Netflix! We've been pretty lucky to escape the snow in Idaho (which is unheard of) but we woke up to it snowing this morning. Boo! I'm ready for summer!

  4. I just about fell out of my chair imagining a guy prancing around in skinny jeans. HAHAHA loved this post. Enjoy your weekend!


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