February 1, 2015

What I'm Looking Forward to About February

February is one of my favorite months. I think it's because it is so short and there is so much going on, but I love it. January is usually a downer of a month, and this year was no different.

So many fun things happen in February usually, but I am extra excited because I have some particularly fun things happening this year. So, in no particular order:

-Dave and I are going to see Renee Fleming in a recital concert on Feb 17! This was my Christmas present, and I almost died when I opened them. I just love her, and she's my girl from Rochester. Also, I'm writing the supertitles for the concert, so $$! 

-Our friends are having a baby! I totally thought she was going to pop at the end of January, but that little boy is holding on. 

-Valentines Day. I have always loved Valentines Day. I'm totally one of those people who handed out cards well into high school. Dave always gets me flowers, and we enjoy a nice night together at home. 

-I'm hoping for more snow. January and February are the coldest months in southern VA, and we've only had a light dusting so far. Maybe an inch, and that totally is not enough for me. I'm hoping for a little bit more. 

-Moving along with wedding stuff. I've actually made progress on some things! I'll have to give you an update, but it's starting to feel real!! 

What about you? What are you looking forward to in the month of February? Do you like the shortened month or not?


  1. I love Valentine's Day, too! We haven't had much snow either, it's kind of disappointing! Happy Monday!

  2. Al...you come live in Rochester and deal with our blizzard and I will go live in VA with your inch of snow...:)

  3. Love Renee Fleming! Have so much fun at the concert!

  4. Have fun at the concert!! And please, take some of our snow!! We're in the middle of yet another snowstorm, at least 10 inches so far. Take it all! I do love that February is such a short month because that means SPRING starts in March and I cannot wait. Winter and I are not friends.

  5. I feel the same way! Too much snow here in NY

  6. I'm not sure I want a snowstorm... I'd just take an inch or two and that would be fine :)

  7. Cold + no snow = misery. And I can't wait for my flowers!!! You too friend :)

  8. Come live here and we can go shopping!


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