March 18, 2015

Irish Car Bomb Jello Shots

Well. I'm late to the party.

I have been working a TON lately, opening our last show of the season here at the opera. I'm talking 14 hour days people.

However, I did have off on Saturday, which allowed me to partake in some fun shenanigans for the local St. Patrick's Day Parade. Norfolk makes a big deal about St. Patty's Day, and luckily the parade goes right around our apartment, so we can imbibe safely. You can see us at last year's parade (complete with glitter tats) in this catch up post.

I thought I would try a new recipe for this year, so I decided to make some jello shots. I love me an Irish Car Bomb, so I combined the two. Voila!

Ingredients (Makes 25 small shots)
1 1/4 cups of Guinness Stout
1/2 cup Jameson Irish Whiskey
1 cup Baileys Irish Cream
4 packets unflavored gelatin (Knox brand come four to a box)
4 teaspoons granulated sugar

Guinnness/Jamison Layer
1. Pour 1/2 cup of Jameson into a bowl. Pour two packets of unflavored gelatin onto the whiskey. Let it sit for one minute; then stir to help it dissolve.
2. In a separate bowl, pour in 1 1/4 cups of Guinness; then put it in the microwave for approximately 80 seconds.
3. Remove and add 4 teaspoons of granulated sugar. Stir until sugar dissolves.
4. Combine the Guinness with the whiskey mixture and stir until gelatin dissolves.
5. Pour the mixture into shot glasses, filling them about 2/3 of the way; then refrigerate for a couple of hours or until firm.

Baileys Layer
1. Combine a 1/4 cup of cold water with a 1/4 cup of Baileys Irish Cream in a bowl. Sprinkle in 2 packets of the unflavored gelatin. Let stand for a minute; then stir to mix.
2. Pour in a 1/2 cup of boiling-hot water and stir until the gelatin is almost entirely dissolved.
3. Add 3/4 cup of Baileys and stir for another few minutes.
4. Take the shot glasses out of the fridge, pour the Baileys layer on top, and then refrigerate again until firm.

These did come out a little bit stiff, almost like jello jigglers. I'm not sure how to fix that, so if anyone has any tips, I'd love to know!

Make sure you don't eat too many of these at once! These are almost entirely alcohol!! Or else you will make faces like this!!!

This recipe originated at Miami New Times. Powered by ReciPage


  1. First of all, that is an awesome face you're making in the last pic! :D Second, I have to confess: I've never had jello shots. Ever. I somehow made it through four years of college, a year of law school, and two years of grad school without ever trying one. I don't know why--they've got the fun appeal of actual jello with the added bonus of tipsiness. Time to put this on my to-do list!

  2. You seriously need to try a jello shot. They are first of all very good if you get the porportions right, and they are fun to eat!

  3. I cannot wait to try these. Love the face you're making; pretty sure I had the same look saturday! ;)

  4. I wonder if you decrease the amount of gelatin...Although, alcoholic jello jigglers would be fun too!!!

  5. I'm not usually a fan of Irish Car Bombs, or of jello shots, but I love the innovation of this recipe. I recently tried a shower jelly and just love the way it jiggles .... yes, I am a 12 year old boy sometimes.

  6. I think that would work, but they are such small packets. We will have to try!

  7. Even though it was rainy and yucky, I was all about it.

  8. I had to try it, because they were so different from anything I've tried before! The unflavored gelatin has opened a whole new world to me in recipes that aren't food!

  9. Happy late St. Patrick's Day!!! Those shots look awesome, I LOVE a good Irish Car Bomb!!

  10. Me too! The best part is that these have the full flavor without having to chug!

  11. Holy moly this looks delicious! Looks like you had a fantastic St. Patrick's Day!


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