March 10, 2015

Product Review | Younique Makeup

I am so excited to tell you about this product today. If there is one makeup that I love to use, it is mascara. So when Lori reached out to me asking me if I wanted to try out some Younique 3D Fiber Lashes, I believe I squealed. For real. 

When I take those surveys and I get asked "What makeup would you never leave the house without?" My answer is mascara. Always. Followed closely by foundation. 

I'm just an eye makeup person. I think eye makeup opens up yor face. And these fiber lashes are amazing. They open your eyes right up and make your lashes longer and thicker. 

Here I am wearing my normal mascara. Two coats of Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves. I was excited to see what the fiber lashes looked like, because while I like how these look, they could always be bigger.

At first I was concerned that this would add a lot of time to my beauty routine, or they would be hard to apply. But they honestly are just as east to apply as regular mascara, and they pretty much dry instantly.

After you apply your normal mascara, you apply one to two coats of the applicator gel. This looks like mascara (and could probably be used like it). 

Then, before the gel is dry, you need to apply the fibers. This is where you'll get the dramatic volume that you are looking for. Look at the difference between these two pictures! (please excuse my nasty eyebrows!)

I have been using these almost every day, and I love them. They look great under glasses, and at work with a neutral eye, as well as with a smoky eye to go out at night (which you will see below). They are super easy to remove, too. I am a fan of the Rimmel Gentle eye make up remover, but you can just as easily use a gentle cleanser or soap and water.

Lori also sent me some of the Moodstruck Minerals Pigments in the shade Daring. I love to use darker colors on my eyes when I have special events at work, or when Dave and I get to go out on the occasional date night.

The pigments covered well and went on to my eyelids smoothly. They are extremely pigmented (as their name stated), loose powder, and a little goes a long way. They come in both shimmer and matte shades. I have a shimmer shade right now, which is perfect for these nighttime looks, but I would LOVE to try a matte shade for a daytime look. 

If you have never tried Younique products, I highly recommend it. They are well worth the money for the high quality products. Plus, you might get addicted to how amazing your face looks too.

*Disclosure: I was given product in exchange for writing this review. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I love this mascara so much! I only need one coat and it changes everything!

  2. I've been wanting to try this but was honestly skeptical... I'll take your word for it. It looks great on you and really makes your eyes pop! And wow! I am so obsessed with your hair! I know I've seen it but this is a great view!

  3. Your eyes look awesome, but the best part of these photos is your hair! It looks perfect, so jealous ;)

  4. Thank you!! I am still figuring out the best ways to style it, and the length is a little short to put up but I'm really happy with it. SUCH a change!

    I really like the mascara! It is definitely worth it!!

  5. Right! I have been hearing such good things about it, that I was thrilled that I got to try it! Also, I just learned that it is natural!

  6. Thanks girl!! We have our pictures in May, so I was not planning on this, but I love it!! :)


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