April 17, 2015

Currently I'm...

Happy Fri-yay! This week has been a weird one.The weather in Norfolk can't decide if it wants to stay warm and sunny, or be cold and monsoon-y. Also, my busy season at work just ended, and all I can say is... FREEDOM!

I have been running around getting ready for my trip next week, so I thought I would just catch up with a little currently post. Happy weekend ya'll!

Sipping on TONS of water. And coffee with cream. I have been super thirsty lately, and I have been chugging water. I guess that is good though, because I feel pretty hydrated.

Buying a bunch of new underwear and a good bra for my wedding dress shopping marathon next week. I went to my favorite place (Target) and bought 5 pairs of nude underwear for $20, and a basic nude strapless bra for $15. I think it will be nice to have something a. skin tone and b. that is new and fresh for when the ladies are changing me into the dresses. Is that weird?

Wearing My new rain jacket from Target. This is really lightweight, and I love the color. Navy with green polka dots! I sort of want to get another one in pink...
Watching Game of Thrones Season 1. We just started Netflix DVDs, and the first thing I put on there was all the DVDs of Game of Thrones Season 1. It kind of stinks that there are only two episodes per DVD, but I think I'll manage. I love being able to spot the differences between the show and the book!

Resolving to get back into watching what I eat (sometimes this means counting calories), and to make more active choices. I don't need that doughnut. I can take the stairs. A walk around the neighborhood wouldn't hurt.

Loving taking part in Helene's #30photosinbetween challenge! I have taken place in every day so far, and I love that I have to think about each prompt ahead of time. There are some beautiful photos in the hashtag, and I've met some wonderful people!

What are you up to currently? Any big plans for the weekend?


  1. I am trying to follow you on Instagram, but your side bar button links to your fb page :( Also- I LOVE that raincoat!

  2. Cute rain jacket. I need one here in Austin this afternoon, but since I don't have one I'm just going to stay inside on the couch. Good luck wedding dress shopping!

  3. That raincoat is really cute! Target has the best stuff! And nope, not weird to want new, fresh undergarments for wedding dress shopping. Plus, you feel more pulled together when you've got matching bra and underwear lol
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. I ALMOST bought another raincoat this weekend. And thank you! I totally thought I might have just revealed what a weirdo I was... :)

  5. Raincoats are such a necessity here in Norfolk. Might as well be cute!


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