May 1, 2015

Four is my Favorite Number

My blogging bestie, Lindsay from Bourbon, Lipstick and Stilettos tagged me to participate in this cute, getting to know you post. Also, four is my favorite number, so I had to do it!

Four Names People Call Me
1. Al
2. Alphonse
3. Bae – totally started as a joke, now it’s a habit…
4. Big Al- this is something that my family used to call me when I was younger and in sports. My family is weird and we all have weird nicknames. 

Four Jobs I’ve Had
1. Artistic Coordinator (this is my first job out of college- I’m SO fortunate to have a job in my field of study!!)
2. Retail Associate at GAP 
3. Banquet Server/Bartender
4. Bagel Slicer at SoHo Bagel Café

Four Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once
1. The Grinch, because it is weirdly my favorite movie.
2. Titanic – My other favorite movie
3. Cold Mountain
4. Basically any Disney movie… my family is definitely a Disney family.

Four Books I Would Recommend
This is a really flipping hard question, because I love reading. Check out all the books I’ve read on Goodreads.
1. Pride and Prejudice
2. The Lovely Bones
3. Bossypants
4. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Three Places I’ve Lived
I had to cheat on this one, because I’ve only lived in three places! (Sorry that I can’t follow the rules, guys!)
1. Rochester, NY
2. Erie, PA
3. Norfolk, VA
Four Places I Have Been
I love to travel, and I really really wish I could do more of it (especially internationally). Here are my favorites.
1. Oahu, HI
2. Cancun, Mexico
3. Chincoteague Island, VA
4. NYC
Four Places I’d Rather Be RIGHT Now
1. My bed – (Lindsay, I’m copying you.)
2. On a cruise, laying in the sun
3. Shopping
4. Sitting outside eating tapas and drinking a gin and tonic. (this is really specific, but it’s true!)

Four of My Favorite Foods
Dave likes to say, “if it’s beige, she likes it.”
1. Ice cream, specifically Fro-Yo
2. Cheese
3. Potato anything.
4. Macaroni

Four TV Shows I Watch
1. Game of Thrones
2. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
3. Heart of Dixie
4. Call The Midwife

4 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Year
1. Going to the Beach
2. Planning our wedding
3. Attending friend’s weddings!
4. Seeing where our future will take us!

Four Things I’m Always Saying
1. "Ya know what I mean?”
2. “I know, right!”
3. “LOVE ME!”
4. “That’s just ridiculous!”

Now, I want to hear from you! Answer the questions, and if you have any to add, please do! 


  1. Thanks for playing! Isn't it fun?! I want to watch Call the Midwife... I think I would like it! Your nicknames crack me up! And I think we'd all almost always rather be in bed!

  2. It's really good! Our nicknames are ridiculous. For a long time when she was little, we called Caroline, Carrot. Why? Who knows.

    I hope you are having a good weekend!! Keep those photos comin!!!

  3. So fun!! I couldn't get into the dragon tattoo. But the others are great! And yes to Disney!! Loovee!!


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