June 8, 2015

Weekending & a Giveaway

Hey guys! On Sunday we took a day to just re-charge our batteries, which was so, so nice. We like to have weekend "date days" if we can, but this one seemed to last a little bit longer, and to be a little more easy going than others. 

Summer seems to be settling in around these parts, and if every weekend is like this past one, I'll be okay with it. 

We started out the day by running a few errands. We never do errands without coffee, so we used a gift card to get some coffees and scones. There is a local coffee shop in Norfolk called Stellas which is absolutely amazing. I had an iced mocha and an apricot jam scone, and it basically made my morning.

Later in the afternoon, we spent a few hours at the beach reading. I didn't get any photos at the beach, but I've basically taken a million photos of our beach over the past few years on my Instagram, so you can go there to see it.

Later in the afternoon I did some cleaning and I worked on my garden. I am beyond thrilled with how my herbs are growing. I have always been so jealous of people with their own yards and green spaces, so this year I decided I would make it happen. I started this windowsill herb garden a few weeks ago and I have a ton of sprouts. I am seriously addicted now, and I keep adding more every day!

Dave cooks 95% of our meals, and he usually makes something a little bit nicer for Sunday dinner. Yesterday he made this "Croque Monsieur" which is basically leeks on a SUPER cheesy sandwich. This was RIGHT UP MY ALLEY. Oh, and we had a side of squash with kale too, to be sort of healthy, but whatevs. 

I feel like summer is getting off to such a good foot!


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  1. um. that dinner looks right up my alley too! all the cheese please!

  2. Thank you so much for joining us with this giveaway! Also, how AMAZING does that iced mocha look?!

  3. I always love a good day date, and who doesn't want a chance to win some free money!?

  4. Day dates are my favorite. We try to do one a week, and I think if we didn't I might lose it! It is a nice relaxation time for both of us.

  5. It is the best! They use the best coffee AND chocolate!

  6. I may or may not have snuck some extra while he was making it :)


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