July 31, 2015

DIY Monogram Wreath

Hey guys! I've had the itch to do some DIY lately. I've done a couple of wedding related DIYs, which I've been showing you some sneak peaks on my Instagram, but I don't want to show those too much yet. I don't want to spoil the whole wedding for the people who are attending! 

Anyway, I am still trying to class up our tiny apartment. It's an ongoing process/struggle. My two besties from college sent me this wreath form about a year ago, and I have been thinking about what to do with it since then. I was in Walmart buying some spray paint the other day, saw the 99 cent flowers and BAM. I was hit by the DIY inspiration once again. This was the perfect activity for a summer afternoon when you are hiding inside in the air conditioning. 

This was probably the easiest wreath I've ever made. I've made a couple other wreaths back when the DIY juices were really flowing (DIY Coffee Filter Wreath), but this one was infinitely easier.

I have to be honest. I don't like wreaths that are huge and overly flowery. I also don't like tons of burlap. It's funny that this wreath has both flowers and burlap, and I like it.

Supplies needed:
-Wreath form (a wicker or grass one works best for this particular one)
-Silk flowers of your choosing
-Monogram letter
-Ribbon or burlap
-Hot glue gun
(this photo shows paint, because I was planning on painting the letter Y, but I ended up choosing not to paint it).

All I did was cut the flowers apart so they would be separate bunches, and just hot glued the flowers and leaves onto the wreath frame. Once they were cool, I glued the wooden monogram letter to the wreath (and the flowers, to make sure it was sturdy). The wreath is hanging on the door with a loop of burlap.

Do you like it? Super simple, not too feminine, perfect for the end of summer, and it has Dave's last initial (mine next summer!). There aren't too many flowers, or too much burlap. Simple and yet it adds a touch of class to our tiny apartment in Norfolk.

Have you worked on a DIY project lately? Have you ever made a wreath?

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