July 1, 2015

One Year 'till 'I Do'...

Guys. We have been engaged for almost a year already!! As of tomorrow we are at the one year mark. 365 days until I get to marry this man who is my absolute best friend. My teammate. My #1.

We are going out to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate our -1 year anniversary, because we're awesome and cool. We haven't been out to a nice dinner in a long time, so that will be nice to relax just the two of us.

Also, because I haven't actually done this ever, and I thought it would be fun for you guys to see exactly what we've accomplished in the first year of wedding planning, here is a list of all the fun stuff that we've done so far:

Purchased LOTS of materials for DIY projects
Said yes to the dress!
Chose a wedding hashtag (#teamwhywedding )
Attempted to DIY table numbers... 
Bought linens for the reception

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  1. So exciting! I think celebrating your -1 year anniversary is awesome. :) We've been engaged over two years now and we celebrated the one and two year 'anniversaries' of our engagement. Our wedding is a little over three months away and I'm kind of panicking! And I just freaked out a little more thinking about it just now. Ah!

  2. The next year is going to fly by! I am so excited for you! Soak in every moment, it all happens so quickly. Have a nice dinner tomorrow!!

  3. Yaaayy you are going to have the best year ever!! I am so excited for you :) You've already gotten so much done! Thanks for linking up.

  4. Enjoy this next year.. I'm excited to see everything come together =)

  5. You're going to have the same anniversary as me!

  6. It looks like you've gotten a lot accomplished. So excited for you!


  7. Ah! I'm sure this next year will fly by for you. I've loved following along with everything. And I've told you a million times but your engagement pictures are breathtaking. Such a gorgeous couple!

  8. You've accomplished so much in the past year, and I can't wait to see what else yall do. I'm so excited for yall!!! And of course I'll be following along on here and insta. :)


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