August 10, 2015

Awkward and Awesome


Hey guys! Welcome back to the Beautiful Mess link up! I am so excited about today's prompt of "Awkward and Awesome." I always like sharing my real life with you guys, and I feel like I have been slipping with these daily life type posts.

Some of my favorite posts are when bloggers post about their lives, so I am excited to see what people come up with, and learn more about the funny details of our lives.  

+ Last week we had a major power surge at work, burning out a part on the air conditioner. Friday was absolutely miserable, as our whole office was a hot, sweaty mess.
+ In that same storm last week, we had a ton of rain. Lots of rain in the south/coastal area = lots of waterbugs. Don't know what a waterbug is? They're roaches. Giant ass roaches that just wander into your house. I was half awake one morning, and one skittered across the floor, and I just about peed my pants.
+ Making a wedding guest list. Planning your wedding is awesome, but making the guest list is awkward. Dave and I both have large families, so we just can't have everyone there. I'm a total people pleaser, so having to say no to people.

+ My dad just opened a business! After unfortunately being laid off from his job, he decided it was now or never and went in to business for himself! I am so proud of him for chasing his dreams, and his store (in Rochester, NY, for those in the area) looks amazing! Check out his website!
+ I made the plunge and signed up for Stitch Fix! It should be arriving on Friday, and I'm excited to see what my stylist sends me! If you are interested in signing up, you can use my referral code.
+ I just finished the book #Girlboss, and it left me so inspired. I bought two more books on Amazon about saving money and career development, and right now I am listening to "Nice Girls Still Don't Get The Corner Office." Lots to think about as I am ready to grow my career!

Interested in linking up? I would love to hear what has been awkward and awesome in your life lately! Use our button in your post, and link up below!

A Beautiful Mess

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