August 8, 2015

Beach Day Essentials

Ever since we moved to Norfolk, one of my favorite things to do on the weekends is go to the beach. We are so fortunate to be a stones throw away from the Chesapeake Bay and Virginia Beach, and I love taking full advantage of that. 

There is nothing more relaxing to me than pulling my beach chair out of my trunk and popping over to sit by the water for an hour or two. I keep my favorite beach bag packed and in the car with all my essentials, so that whenever we have a free hour or two on the weekend we can just head over.

I'm a  big believer of not using anything too expensive when you go to the beach. Pretty much everything that I use at the beach either came from Target, or I got it on sale. I just can't justify spending a bunch of money that is going to get covered in sand, sunscreen and salt water. So I guess you could say that these are budget beach day essentials!

+ Towel for Two - because room for one is never enough
+ Straw Hat - to shade your pretty face from the sun
+ Sunglasses
+ Flip Flops - these are the best for the beach! I'm never worried about losing, breaking, or otherwise ruining them, especially for $2.50
+ Sunscreen - I mean, this is a given.
+ Face Sunscreen - I always like to put specific sunscreen on my face. My BBcream has it in there too, but this gives a little extra boost, and doesn't clog pores.
+ Lip Balm - Lips can get sunburned too! Make sure to protect them!
+ Water Tumbler - One of the worst things is when you leave the beach feeling dehydrated. Don't let that happen!
+ Bluetooth Radio - This is a little bit of a splurge, but...I love to listen to audio books, and something like this makes it so easy, and I don't have to worry about headphones! You can also pump up the tunes!

What do you like to take to the beach with you? Do you have any recommendations for a budget beach day essential?

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