September 29, 2015

Always, Dave

A while back, a couple of friends and I had a hashtag going on twitter of #thingsdavesays. They are pretty funny and pretty inappropriate. You are warned of both.

Dave is such a funny guy, but sometimes his jokes fall on deaf ears. I have done my fair share of eye rolling in our almost 10 years together. He is the life of the party, and will always chat with your grandma.

I thought it would be fun to join in with Becca for a round of Blogger Men Tell All, so that you guys could get to know the guy behind this blog. So without further adieu...

Always Dave, Blogger Men Tell All

"Hey Dave, want to answer some questions for me?"
Maybe. I guess.

Do you know what you’ll be for Halloween this year?
No. Not yet, haven't figured it out. Haven't really put much thought into it, it's not close enough. Aren't we working on Halloween? That's stupid. I'm not dressing up if we aren't doing anything

What is your favorite fall treat?
That's a really good question. Does beer count? Fall is stout season.
Fall is the beginning of stout season!
I guess I love pumpkin pie.

What TV shows are you enjoying this Fall?
FYI we don't have cable or anything, so we aren't big TV watchers. 
I like to watch horror stuff, but we probably some scary movies around Halloween. I don't know, whatever Netflix recommends.

What is one goal you’d like to accomplish by the end of 2015?
Improve my GRE score. And send in my grad school applications.
How responsible of him!

Blogger Men Tell All

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