September 18, 2015

Stitch Fix Reveal #2

Okay, remember when I said how excited I was for my first Stitch Fix? Well when this one arrived, I knew it was waiting for me at home, and I literally sped home from work through a thunderstorm to open it. I'm obsessed. 

I was excited to see what my stylist, Lindsay picked for me this time. She did such a good job last time that I knew that this fix would be a winner too. And I was not disappointed. I had such a hard time picking what I wanted to keep. Darn budgets and money. I need to just win the lottery already.

So here's what I got, what I kept and what I returned:

Pixley Tammi Keyhole Dress - Returned 
My stylist read my notes about how much I loved this dress and how it just didn't fit, so she sent it in a smaller size. Now it still fits, and I still love it, but I had to pick between some things. I would totally buy something like this in the future.

Stitch Fix Review #2

Everly Isidore Dress - Returned 
I didn't get a picture of myself in this, because it barely fit my butt. It is cut like a shift dress, but was way too tight on my tush, and that was not cute. I loved the white and blue print, and would love to see something like that in the future (in a larger size. 

Kensie Marco Short Sleeve Color Block Dress - Kept
I LOVE this dress. It's lightweight and comfortable. It's perfect for my office, and can be dressed up or down. It is really on trend right now without being too in your face trendy (if that makes sense?) I love the color and the sleeves. I had to keep it. 

Stitch Fix Review #2

Market&Spruce Corinna Striped Dolman Top - Returned 
I really liked this top, and it fit well, but I felt like I could find something like this at TJ Maxx. I didn't want to spend the money on something basic like this.

Lysse Joylyn Ponte Legging - Returned (painfully) 
I LOVED these leggings. I am not someone who things that leggings aren't pants, and these leggings would be amazing for tunics this fall. If I had more wiggle room in my budget I would be wearing these this minute. I loved the color, the thickness and the stitching. I put these back in my returns bag with a very heavy heart.

Stitch Fix Review #2

Are you interested in joining me in Stitch Fix?

1. Start by heading to and entering your style profile. This helps your stylist get to know you as well as mine did! You answer questions about your sizing, pricing preferences, what you are looking for and what you are not looking for. Also make sure to keep up your Pinterest board so your stylist can check out what you like!

2. Order your fix! When you order each fix, you get charged a $20 styling fee. But, if you purchase an item, and you probably will because you will like the stuff, that $20 will be credited towards your purchase. In your fix you can receive clothing, jewelry and accessories, which your stylist will select based on your style profile. You have the choice to schedule fixes when you choose... you aren't obligated to buy one every month. This is one of the main reasons I personally chose Stitch Fix.

3. Once you have your fix, and have tried it on (and probably taken photos), you need to decide what you are going to keep, and what you are going to send back. You have three business days to decide, before you then go online, fill out your follow up survey, and then send anything back that you don't want in a postage paid bag.

Sooo? What do you think? Did I pick the right thing? I have a little bit of remorse about not buying those leggings, I have to say. Would you ever try a service like Stitch Fix?

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