October 21, 2015

"Are You Nervous To Get Married?"

"are you nervous to get married" - always, al; wedding wednesday

The other day someone asked me if I was nervous to get married. I think I actually might have laughed, because to me that sounded like the most ridiculous thing.

Am I nervous for marriage? Not one bit. I think that Dave and I are going to walk into marriage as easily as breathing. I already talked about how we have been enjoying our time being engaged, and how we have been getting used to the different things that marriage will bring us. Learning to be a husband and a wife.

Maybe part of this comes from being together for so long, and from living together. We function as a team, and work on our relationship every day. While marriage will be different, it won't be as drastic a change as some couples face.

...Now, when I say I'm not nervous for marriage that's the honest truth. But there are a few things about the wedding that I'm nervous about. Such as...

1. Walking down the aisle. We are getting married outside, and I have to walk down a bit of a hill to get to the altar. What if I trip with 200 people looking at me? Why does everyone have to look at me? What if I'm so emotional about that moment that I just fall over?

2. Weather. Like I said, it's an outdoor ceremony, with the reception inside a barn. If the weather is rainy, or even too hot, it could be miserable. 

3. Nobody showing up. We have spent so long getting ready for this, what if nobody comes? We are kind of taking a gamble having it over fourth of July weekend. I want my family and friends to come and have fun!

Do you think I'm being ridiculous/naive? Were you nervous to get married?

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