October 12, 2015

Awkward & Awesome #2

Hi Friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I am just getting back from Richmond for work today, but I did get to spend a wonderful Saturday exploring the city with Dave and one of my friends from work. 

I've written an Awkward and Awesome post before as part of our bi-weekly Beautiful Mess link up. I had a lot of fun writing it, and I thought it was an interesting way to update you guys on stuff that is going on with me (after all, this is a lifestyle blog...), so I think I might do them every so often. Thoughts?

- I'm breaking out a ton. I have been getting a lot of blackheads around my mouth lately, which I think might be from wearing more lipstick and lip gloss. I have been exfoliating and removing my makeup at night, but nothing seems to be cutting it. I am seriously thinking about investing in a Clarisonic.

- With all the rain around where I live lately, we have had a lot of tidal flooding. With lots of tidal flooding brings lots of fish stink. I'm ready for that to go away.

- Totally ripped my black tights right on the leg while getting ready for one of our shows the other day. I put some clear nail polish on it to stop the rip, but that made it worse. I was travelling too, so I was limited in wardrobe choices... womp.

- I scored an awesome pair of black suede ankle booties at a consignment store in Richmond this weekend. I can't wait to basically wear them every day.

- I purchased Helene's Quit Your Job to Blog E-Course, and while I'm not planning on quitting on my career, I am ready to get serious about my little space. I'm hoping that this will give me the little kick in the pants I need and help me take my space to the next level.

- Despite being very busy with work, wedding life, etc, I've been feeling very content. Yesterday I squashed a situation at work, and called Dave on my way home. He asked if I was feeling okay, and if I needed anything from him, and I told him I was feeling great! I feel like I'm getting into a groove in life, and that I am really getting the hang of things! (Right now I am knocking on all the wood things around me!)

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