October 5, 2015

Where I Blog

Hi Everyone! Thanks for joining Lindsay, Kerri and me again for our Beautiful Mess link up. Today we are talking about where we blog.

Where I blog is kind of funny. I do a lot of work at Starbucks, and at the laundromat on the weekends. I find that I get a lot of work done there where I'm not distracted by all the things that I have going on at my apartment. I am actually very productive when I am out of my "comfort zone" and am surrounded by strangers. Weird, I know.

At home though, I have set myself up a makeshift desk up on our kitchen table. We seriously have the smallest apartment ever, and there is hardly any basically no storage in the whole apartment. But we are trying to be smart and save our pennies. So for now I will continue to blog on the kitchen table. Please ignore the mess and the dead plants. #thisismyreallife

Where I Blog

Because I am working in such a small space which is also used for other things, it is also really important for me to plan my time. I try to plan my blogging calendar out as best I can. I use a combination of Google Calendar, and this awesome Day Designer for Blue Sky planner. 

I can't wait to get into a larger space and to have a nice office area for me to work. Goals people! 

Where do you do your best work? In a coffee shop? Do you have a nice desk area set up? We'd love to know! Link up below-- this link up is open for two weeks!

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