November 16, 2015

Becoming a Big Sister at 17

When I was 16, my mom started to get really sick. She was having really bad headaches, and wanted to sleep as soon as she came home from work. I was worried about her, but I was also very wrapped up in my 16 year old life. We both got migraines, so I kind of passed it off as that. 

Until one day when my mom and dad sat me, my sister and brother down to tell us why my mom was so sick....she was pregnant! Naturally, as any 16 year old would, I thought that was disgusting. But once we got over our initial shock, we were all so excited! A new baby for us to hold and snuggle! 

It got to the end of October, days away from my moms due date, and everyone was so anxious. When was our baby coming? Who was going to be the first one to hold her? Who would she look like? 

After being about a week late, the doctors finally induced my mom, and Caroline Juliana was born on November 16. Just two weeks shy of my 17th birthday. 

Becoming a Big Sister at 17

When Caroline was born, this little girl became the light of our family's life. She brings us so many smiles, laughter, and keeps us on our toes every day. 

She has a heart for learning, animals, art, and is smarter than any kid I know. She is also hilarious, and sometimes says things that just makes you turn your head and wonder where she came up with it. 

Becoming a Big Sister at 17

Becoming a big sister (again) when I was 17 taught me so much about life. For one, I know that I am not in a rush to have children. I am able to enjoy spoiling Care, and doing fun things with her when we see each other. We always try to talk on the phone (she loves to FaceTime), and do special things when I am home, or when she visits. 

It also taught me a LOT about responsibility. As a junior in high school, we had an infant in our house. I was changing diapers and feeding her bottles all the time. Once she got older, my sister and I babysat more, and we could take her to do fun stuff... which I'm not going to lie, sometimes included taking pictures of her doing/holding funny things. 

Becoming a Big Sister at 17

My Sweet Caroline turns NINE today. She is growing into the most kind, intelligent young lady. She likes math and science, and she LOVES to read (like her big sister). She likes to go to her Irish dancing classes, and play with her dog Haylee. She really likes to go on trips, and is pretty much game for anything. I guess being the youngest of four makes you pretty flexible. 

Becoming a Big Sister at 17

Happy Birthday my special girl! I love you and I can't wait to see you soon! 

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