November 18, 2015

Tips and Tricks for Creating your Wedding Registry

When we were getting ready to start our wedding registry, we both were dreading it a little bit, but were both really excited at the same time. Neither of us really likes to shop that much, but we are excited to get a start on a new life together. I have been having fun looking at new things in all neutrals, and planning for a future house.

People have many different schools of thought on registering for gifts. Some people think that you should register for whatever you want. Some people think you shouldn't ask for cash. Some people feel awkward even registering at all. 

There are so many posts with different tips about what to register for, what to do when you are at the store, and how not to offend your guests with your registry. Well. We just did our registry three weeks ago. So this is what we took away from the experience.

I can't say that I am an expert, by any means, but I did pick up on some things that will help make your registry experience fun. Also, I've included a list of what I think you absolutely must include on your registry!

Tips and Tricks for Creating your Wedding Registry (and what you must include)

Tips and Tricks

- Don't go on an empty stomach. This may take longer than you anticipate.We had it in our minds that we would set up the registry, they would hand us a scanning gun, and we would be off on our merry way around the store. Wrong. It took about an hour and a half to get the registry set up, and for her to show us a few things, and then another hour and a half to go around 3/4 of the store. We had to skip a bunch of stuff because we just couldn't anymore.Hanger does not allow for conducive discussions about silverware. 

- Go in with a plan. We totally did not do this. We have lived together for almost four years, and have been using all of my kitchen things from my college apartment. Once we got to the store and were faced with tons of options about pots, pans and appliances, we just didn't know where to start. Do your research ahead of time, and you will have it much easier. 

- You don't need to follow the list that the store provides you. Sometimes those lists are awesome! I have no idea how many towels an adult is supposed to have. But sometimes they are just not applicable to your life. Dave and I decided that we didn't want a set of fine china, but that we wanted a set of nicer, every day dinnerware instead. Lots of stores make "in between" sets now, that work great for this sort of thing.

- Make sure you have a variety of prices. This is a tip that I wasn't sure if I wanted to include. This is a tip that almost every website gives, and I'm not sure if I always agree. While yes, I think that you shouldn't just register for high end items or low price ones either, I think that some things are better left off. I mean, dish towels and pot holders cost $3, and if there are special ones that you really want, you can get them with the wedding money you will inevitably get. 

Registry Must Haves

Now this section is really only pertinent to those people who are registering for items. If you are registering for a honeymoon experience or something like that, you do you boo. I wish I was you a little bit.

But if you are going the traditional route, this is your chance to register for some nice home essentials. Are you still using your old dishes and towels from college? Register for some nice new ones! Are you a coffee lover like me? Register for a good coffee maker to use every day.

I am a huge fan of neutrals in the home, especially for things like dishes, towels and sheets. For our registry, we kept everything in a very neutral palette (white, grey, wood, metal), because you just never know what your house will look like in the next few years.

Items that in my opinion every wedding registry should have (in no particular order):
1. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer
2. A good blender (I am a fan of the Ninja brand)
3. New sheets
4. New towels
5. Serving platters and utensils
6. A nice vacuum (if you don't have one already)
7. A nice iron (if you don't have one already)
8. New dishes (can be china, but you see my opinion on that above)
9. A nice set of pots and pans
10. Luggage

See? All smiles at the end of our experience at Bed Bath and Beyond! Was there anything you think I should add to that list of must haves? I would love to hear your opinion! We are still adding to ours!

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