December 9, 2015

7 Months 'Till 'I Do'

Hi Friends! I apologize for my absence around these parts lately! I have been busy doing things like turning 26 and then having the stomach bug... you know... priorities.

Last week we officially hit the 7 months until our wedding mark! Can you believe it!? I feel like it was just a few days ago that I was telling you we had one year until "I do", and now we are at only 7 months left! Time is flying!

Lots of stuff has been accomplished in the past few months, and lots of stuff still has yet to be accomplished, so I thought I would catch you up on what has been going on over here. I haven't been participating in Wedding Wednesday very much, but I am excited to be doing that more now that things are really getting going!

7 months 'till 'i do'

Here is what we have accomplished since I last checked in with you in July! (these are not in order) 
- I chose Bridesmaid Dresses, and the girls have ordered them! (Side note: If David's Bridal tells you that you need to order immediately because the color you chose is a cut-to-order color, and could take months to come in... you probably don't. Ours came in in the same, normal amount of time.)
- We bought our wedding bands!
- We registered, and are debating registering at one more store
- I created a DIY wedding website
- My mom and Dave's Mom went to the group tasting for our caterer and had a ball. I was extremely jealous.
- We've purchased a ton of the little details, such as personalized napkins, straws, a birdcage card holder, and some other things. I highly recommend the Knot during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other sale times for all Brides!! So helpful!
- We sent out our Save the Dates!
- I created my own DIY wedding planning binder
- My dress came in!!

To be honest, this was a painful moment, and was my first real wedding breakdown. My mom and one of our closest family friends went to pick up the dress, and I was so incredibly sad that I couldn't be there. It has been hard for me to not be in town for a lot of these wedding planning moments, and to have to be connected either by phone or text. I had been feeling a little bit sad that I wasn't in town for some other small things, and then when they picked up my gown for me, it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Dave and I are so fortunate to have such a strong support system in Rochester, and to have so many people whom are willing and able to help us with everything we need. Including this wedding. Our moms have both gone above and beyond in planning so far, and I know that they will continue to. It just sucks when we can't be there to celebrate and enjoy this special time together.

Now, enough of this sad stuff. What we need to do during the month of December, with 7 months to go:
- Pick out suits 
- Dave has to be a groomsman in our friends wedding on New Year's Eve. I am looking forward to this SO. MUCH. It's a black tie wedding y'all. 
- Order some of my accessories (hair accessory, bra, veil?) 

And in January I am going to make a trip to Rochester for some HARD CORE planning. I'm talking a dress fitting, a meeting with the florist, and some serious family time doing wedding DIYs. They love it.

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