February 17, 2016

5 Months 'till "I do"

Happy Wedding Wednesday, friends! This post is long overdue, but better late than never, right? Right now we currently have about 4 1/2 months left, and we are working on the fine print!

Actually, we aren't done with our January to-dos yet, but I still feel like we are in awesome shape. As it does, work got totally in the way of free time, and we haven't had that much time to work on things. I have been getting a little anxious about some things lately, but I just remind myself that everything will be worth it when I get to walk down the aisle to my love.

In January I took a very brief trip to Rochester to have my dress fitting, meet with the florist, and shop for some things with my mom. We also had time to complete some of the DIY stuff. Wedding planning can be fun too!

Here's what we accomplished in January:
-Dress fitting number one (I loved getting to see my dress again!)
-Initial meeting with the florist. She totally gets me.
-Purchased stuff for bathroom baskets
-DIYed some decorations
-Sent my engagement ring in to be re-sized and inspected
-Really investigated the suit situation. Dave wants blue suits, not tuxes which you can't find anywhere. We might try online--does anyone have experience with that?
-Booked a makeup artist
-Started working on my "something old." My co-worker is helping me!

A photo posted by Alexandra Stacey (@alexandrastacey) on

We picked out some photos to use as some sentimental decor for the ceremony. Wait till you see! Doesn't blonde haired Dave just melt your heart??

Here's to hoping for a successful February!

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