March 21, 2016

A Big Announcement /
Virginia Bucket List

I have been keeping a secret. I was trying to think of a cute way to tell you guys, but I can’t think of anything/it isn’t that exciting.

We are moving to Pittsburgh! In August (literally right after the wedding), Dave and I are moving from Norfolk, VA to Pittsburgh, PA. Dave is going to grad school for Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon this fall, and I couldn’t be more excited for this new adventure. He has been working so hard on studying for the GRE and school applications, and it makes me so happy to see his hard work rewarded.

I am still looking for a job, and we are still looking for a place to live, so there is still a bunch of stuff up in the air. It is going to be so fun to explore a new city!

We have lived in Norfolk for almost 4 years, and we still have a lot of stuff to do and experience! As soon as we knew for sure that we were moving, I quickly put together a “Virginia Bucket List” of things to do before we leave. A lot of these things are in the state in general, and are not unique to the Norfolk area.

Go explore the Wash Woods park (Virginia Beach)
Ride bikes at the beach
Last St. Patty’s Day Celebration
See the Chincoteague ponies
“Brew Ridge Trail”
One more orange crush and steamed shrimp meal on the Greenies patio
Luray Caverns
Smithsonian Museum, DC
Jamestown Settlement
Eat Crabs in VB
Last Opera opening night party

I would love it if anyone has any suggestions of things we must do before our big move! This state has been a blast, and I can’t wait to have a last hurrah!

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