March 18, 2016

Currently I'm...

Happy Friday Friends! I am dead this week. Every night I have been coming home and just crashing. I attribute it to getting used to my hearing aids, and the 2016 election.

Tonight I’ll be getting ready for Norfolk’s St. Patty’s Day parade, so I thought I would pop in with a little Currently post for you. Love you guys!

Currently I’m…
Reading… I am Malala. Actually I’m listening to it on audiobook, but still just as good. I can’t believe how mature and well-spoken Malala is. She certainly puts a young Alex to shame!

Eating… Lucky Charms. I have been obsessed with them lately, and I can’t seem to save them long enough to make the treats I want for the St. Patty’s Day parade tomorrow. It is not uncommon for me to have a bowl or two of these at night for dinner… and snack.

Feeling… So loved and supported after I wrote this post. I’ve been getting used to my life as a “hard of hearing” person, and I could not be doing it without everyone’s support. 

Wearing… All sorts of green stuff! I feel like emerald green is my color. Ever since I rented a green dress from Rent the Runway, it is the only color I want to wear. I had lots of options for St. Patty’s Day! 

Wanting… to get my hair done. I have my hair appointments scheduled until the wedding, but I am DYING to get my hair trimmed and touched up. I am seriously refraining from taking matters into my own hands. I want my hair to be as long/thick as possible in July, so I need to calm it down.

Drinking… Hard apple cider. Whenever we are drinking lately, all I want is cider. It is so much lighter than beer, and I don’t feel super bloated after drinking it. Not to mention that companies are putting out all kinds of delicious cider these days.

Watching… I feel like whenever I tell you guys what I’m watching on TV, it just confirms my nerd status. The last two things I watched on Netflix are “Becoming Jane” about Jane Austin, and then “The Quest” which is this super nerdy game/reality show that is about medieval fantasy. I started watching it because I thought it was something else, and now I have to see who is going to be the true hero. 

Buying… Lots of things for the wedding! My bank account has seen better days, that’s for sure. Lately I have been working on gifts for the bridal party and our family. I seriously LOVE to pick out gifts for people, and this process is no exception!

Loving… That this is a two holiday month. Lots of treats, decorations, and time to relax and have fun. I am already planning to make some Easter Bread this year, and I can’t wait to share it!

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