June 1, 2016

1 Month to "I Do!"

Happy Wednesday! We seriously have no time at all before we are driving to Rochester to become husband and wife!! This past weekend was my bridal shower and bachelorette party in Rochester, and this week we are having a celebration in Norfolk! I am so overwhelmed by all the love and support from our friends and family!

We got SO much done while I was in Rochester last weekend. It was great. This month is going to be all about our finishing touches!

Here's what we accomplished in May:
-Finish my family’s gifts – need to finish Dave’s parents 
-print and put together printed materials (programs, itineraries, etc)-Finish ceremony outline
-Purchased a bunch of white stuff to wear that week
-Get back on the health/fitness train. We fell off for a little bit, but it’s time to get back on!
-My bridal shower! (SO awesome! I’m going to talk about this next week!)
-Buy favors

-Made the seating chart
-My Rochester Bachelorette Party!
-Wrapped gifts!
-Started the timeline for the whole weekend
-Makeup trial
-Hair trial
-Final dress fitting

What we need to accomplish in June:
-Finish family gifts 
-Marriage License
-Plan out “tables” for venue
-Final payments L
-Vendor gifts/tips
-Travel to Rochester!!
I'm sure there is a lot more that I'm just not thinking of!

Also, if you didn’t catch the gorgeous set up of my Brunch and Bubbly themed bridal shower, here is another sneak peek. I’ll talk more about this next Wednesday. Happy hump day everyone!

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