June 28, 2016

Always, Dave

Hi Friends! I'm excited to join Becca as a host for this season's Blogger Men Tell All link-up. I love participating in this, because even after 10 years together, I still learn new things about Dave every day. For example, I have no idea what song that is below. 

Becca and I came up with some questions to ask our guys about summer time! I can't wait to see all the answers!

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What is your favorite summer treat?
Frozen grapes

If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go and why?
Maine in the summer. Not too hot but still warm. Lots of great parks, forests, and beaches to explore. Excellent breweries and seafood. Plus the nicest people in the USA. Seriously though, those people are just so glad to see somebody that isn't immediate family.

Do you have a favorite song that says "summer" to you? What is it?
Deadbeat Summer by Neon Indian

What summer project are you hoping to accomplish before fall?
I'm going to read some books and we're going to find a place to live in Pittsburgh. Oh, and get married.

Make sure you link up your post below! I can't wait to see everyone's favorite summer treats!

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