June 15, 2016

My Norfolk Bachelorette Bash

Another week, another Wedding Wednesday. And on this Wednesday, there are only 17 more days until I'm a Mrs! It is coming up so fast!

Since things are CRAZY around these parts, and Dave and I are getting ready to take 2 weeks off of work (hallelujah!), I thought I would share a little bit about my Norfolk Bachelorette Party. Two of our friends so graciously threw this for me, and it was seriously so fun. Maybe a little bit too much...

We started off the evening at one of my favorite places, the Norfolk Mermaid Factory. This is really similar to color me mine, except you get to take your mermaid home with you when you are done. I've done this once before with my mom and sister, and I loved it just as much the second time around.

Everyone got to paint a mermaid how they wanted, and we drank some wine and ate snacks. It was a good time.

This was also my "lingerie shower," thrown by the girls, and they certainly had fun with that. I am probably one of the most awkward people on the planet, and they made me open my gifts and take photos in the Mermaid Factory. It was actually pretty fun, and they had obviously spent time thinking about what I would like. They bought me some beautiful things, all which are very me.

After we left the Mermaid factory, we had a little bit of time to kill before our dinner reservation, so we naturally walked over to a bar with a patio, and enjoyed a beverage there. My friend Kristi and I couldn't resist a photo op with a statue.

Side note: I don't usually like all the attention to be on me, but I have to say it feels good for random people to congratulate you on getting married. I have no idea how they knew though....

dress | necklace (similar) | shoes (similar)
We made our way to Mermaid Winery where we ordered lots of wine, champagne and dinner. I had never been there before this, and it was awesome. I really want to take Dave before we move. Their wines were pretty good, and their champagne (named "Sex") was even better.

For dinner I had this cheesey, white wine, veggie pasta, and it was shamazing. Exactly what I needed to soak up all that wine in my belly!

Thank you to my lovely friends, for not only throwing a wonderful bachelorette bash, but for always making Dave and me feel so welcome and loved in Norfolk.

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