July 27, 2016

#teamwhywedding: The Girls Get Ready

I'm so excited to get started today for Wedding Wednesday! This week we are talking about the girls getting ready that morning. This was one of the most relaxing days for me in a long time -- and I needed it!

We got ready in my parent's hotel room. This was easiest, since we had hair and makeup people coming. It was also nice to relax on a soft, cushy bed for an hour or so while my besties all got their hair and makeup done. 

I was surprised at how chill and relaxed I was that morning. I mentioned a little while ago how crazy I thought I was becoming, and all of that melted away that morning. There wasn't any stress about how anything would go, because I knew in the end everyone would have a good time, and I would be married to Dave (finally!).

Dave's cousin and step-sister did most of the girls' hair, and we hired a makeup artist to come in if the girls wanted. I was so stinking happy with how everything looked. Everyone was so gorgeous. I let the girls choose if they wanted to have their hair and/or makeup done. I didn't want that stuff to be mandatory, because sometimes it sucks having to shell out $$ as a bridesmaid.

Our robes were part of my gift to them, which I will talk about at a later date. This was one of the things that I really wanted, because I love the look of them in photos. And honestly I still wear mine all the time. I was so glad that the robes could be customized for each girl's height/size. One of my bridesmaids was 9 months pregnant at the time, and it was awesome that I could get her a maternity sized robe.

Robes - Laughing Cherries
 We finished getting ready and got dressed at the barn. The bridal suite was so cute, and it was a perfect space to take a second and breathe before the ceremony. And the light was perfect in there.

Flower Crown - Kamipapa
 I waited for the absolute last second to put my dress on. It was pretty tight, and I didn't want to be uncomfortable at all while we waited. Or honestly, to get anything on it before the ceremony.

Once my veil was on, we only had about 10 minutes left before the ceremony. I spent most of that time spying on the guests out one of the windows. I was so excited!!

Can't wait to share more!! See you next week!

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