July 20, 2016

#teamwhywedding: The Wedding Week

Happy Wedding Wednesday guys! I am so excited to finally share with you all of the details, stories and fun stuff from our wedding. I keep looking over the photos reliving that day, and just feel so happy. Of course I'm linking up with Macy and Nikki for Wedding Wednesday.

We started our trip from Norfolk to Rochester on Friday after work. We needed to make a pit stop in Pittsburgh to find an apartment, so we did that on Saturday morning. We actually only saw one apartment, but we knew that it was right for us the second we walked in. Dave and I both are looking forward to city living, and I’m so excited about the area that we chose to live in.

We stopped to walk around the Carnegie Mellon campus for a little while. I had to play paparazzi for a minute because I am just SO proud of this guy. 

We stayed with my aunt in Pittsburgh on Saturday night, and then made our way to Rochester. We had a TON of stuff to finish up that week, including putting the favors together, ironing linens, putting together the seating chart, and picking up all sorts of stuff.

On Monday morning, Miss Caroline and I went to pick up our dresses from the tailor. Care was so excited that we had finally reached wedding week, and she was the best little sidekick.

On Tuesday, we picked up our marriage license from the town clerk. It was quick, and easy to get, which I was kind of surprised at. Caroline tagged along with us for that too. She is such a little photo bomber.

My bestie/bridesmaid Meghan came into town on Wednesday, and we had a lot of BFF bonding time while doing wedding stuff. This included eating macaroni and cheese at the Rochester Jazz festival, shopping, and wearing matching Champagne Campaign shirts.

On Friday, we started the day with an appointment at the nail salon. Of course accompanied by mimosas. I think that we created a monster when Caroline got her first mani/pedi. Look at her getting a massage from the nail technician.

Friday continued with us setting up a bunch of stuff at the venue, a nap, and then the rehearsal. I unfortunately don’t have any photos of that, so we will have to skip it L

Next week I’ll be sharing the girls getting ready!

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