August 31, 2016

#teamwhywedding: Bridal Style

I can't tell you how in love with my dress I was. It is actually very similar to what I imagined myself wearing while we were planning. In hindsight, I would have loved to wear something a little bit more comfortable, but I'm glad that I looked just how I wanted.

I am constantly fighting this inner battle over comfort and what is flattering to my body type. 99.9% of the time comfort wins, but I guess it's fair for that .01% of the time to be reserved for your wedding. 

I wrote about shopping for my wedding dress earlier this year, and looking back at some of those photos, I am so glad I went with the dress shape I did. I felt like myself, but an amped up version. 

My dress was purchased at Stella's Bridal Boutique in LeRoy, New York. If anyone from Central/Western NY is ever shopping for a wedding dress, I highly recommend them. I had personal attention each time I went, which included recommendations for my body shape, height and complexion. I felt like this dress was a little bit unique, and it was made for me--not pulled out of stock. I used my dress as my something new.

Once I purchased my dress, I had a very clear idea about what I wanted my look to be. Since by dress was very ivory toned, I wanted everything else to also have that same vintage-y feel. And also since there wasn't much sparkle to the dress at all, I wanted to incorporate that into my accessories. 

Got these babies at Dillards! (similar)
I am so fortunate that I worked with such wonderful people and creators at my last position. My co-workers really made my wedding day so special. 

I tried SO HARD to grow my hair long. I am someone who prefers to wear their hair down, and everything that I read suggested that I wouldn't like it up, because it wouldn't look like me. I was so concerned that it would be hot, but didn't care. #longhairdon'tcare

I did some research on extensions, and just couldn't pull the trigger on the ones I wanted for the price. I know that the wig shop makes these things on the reg, so I asked them. They CUSTOM MATCHED my hair, and made me a set to wear on my wedding day. This added about 4ish inches to my hair. It pays to be nice to people.

I had been looking for a long time at veils and hair pins. I wanted something specific (shocker), and couldn't find anything that wasn't less than $300 for both. I talked to the costume shop where I was working, and they said they would make it for me. Just to pay for materials. I was freaking out excited when I heard this. They made my cathedral length veil, and it was just what I wanted.

I really wanted to use something of my mom's for my look. She didn't have her dress anymore, so that was out, but she did have her veil. It wasn't in good shape, and was suuuper 80s. I brought the veil parts in to the girls at the costume shop, and they were able to put together this beautiful hair pin from me with those parts. It was so special to not just have something custom made for me, but something that was re-purposed from my mom's wedding attire. I kept pointing it out to people all night, because I just loved it. This was my something old.

My mom surprised me with a bouquet charm at my shower. My grandpa passed away when I was 6, and I was SO close with him. I had been thinking about him a lot before the wedding, and how much he would have loved Dave. When I opened the bouquet charm at my shower, I immediately burst into tears. The charm read "you are always in my heart." This was my something blue.

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