September 23, 2016

How Does it Feel to be a Wife?

I was inspired to write a post like this when I saw Macy write one last year. Just like her, I get asked this all the time. It also could come in the form of "Does it feel any different to be married?" It doesn't bother me when people ask, but it still seems weird. Kind of like how it was weird when people asked me if I was nervous to get married.

Honestly, it doesn't feel ANY different between Dave and me. Our relationship is pretty much the same. Which is awesome. I'm glad nothing is different because I think we have a great thing. We have been married just short of three months, but I have to think that the TEN YEARS we spent dating each other and being engaged has to count for something. In our day to day lives, my role as a wife isn't really that much different than my role as a girlfriend or fiancée.

I think that for couples who don't live together before marriage, there is so much more that changes. Living with someone shows you EXACTLY who they are. When you combine cohabitation with other things that come with marriage (changing names, combining money, etc.), there is much more of a lifestyle change.

The biggest difference is that my name changed, and we officially--as in lawfully--became the Yargeau family. I chose to change my name when we got married to help reinforce the feeling of teamwork, and working together as a family unit. I have to say… this has been the hardest to get used to. I didn’t change my name until we

Dave and I firmly believe (and work on every day) the value in working as a team. We support each other in so many ways, share, and solve problems together. I have never felt so close to him as I do right now, and to be honest, I see a lot less of him. #gradschoolproblems

I also love being able to call him my husband. “My husband goes to CMU.” Or “my husband cooked lasagna for dinner last night!” It just makes me feel so good, and love him all the more.

One of the things that I have also noticed is how OTHER PEOPLE seem to treat us differently as a married couple. It’s as if now that we are married, our relationship is more legitimate in other’s eyes. I don’t agree with this way of thinking whatsoever, but it is just my observation. Dave can now pick up my prescriptions much easier. I added him to my car insurance without any questions. So weird.

So after all that rambling (jeeze, it’s Friday. I can’t even get my thoughts in order)… My answer to the question “how does it feel to be a wife?” is that it feels great. But it felt great before I was a wife too, so not all that much has changed.

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