September 21, 2016

#teamwhywedding: Family Photos

Happy Wedding Wednesday my loves! I've been trying to plan out my WW posts for the rest of the year... is there anything specific you want to see? Let me know in the comments. 

Today we are gonna chat about our formal family photos. I have to be honest, guys... I was nervous about this part of the wedding day. How do you get so many people to come and go when needed, and then to all smile/not blink. 

The answer, of course is to have a good photographer. I was beyond happy to be working with Robin from Robin Fox Photography for our wedding. She also did our engagement photos, which turned out so good. 

I gave Robin a shot list the week before the wedding, and gave her the run down on some of our family's personalities. She was totally cool, and kept things running so smoothly. We did photos during cocktail hour, and got them done in about 20 min.

One of my biggest pieces of advice that I tell brides planning their wedding is to not skimp when choosing a photographer. You are not only paying for their beautiful  work, but also their people skills, customer service, etc. Robin was so great at this, and I think we had a great experience.  

And now, for some photos:

Had to get a silly one with my siblings there at the end. You wouldn't know it, but almost this whole time, I had something on my contact, and could not. see. a. thing. (turned out to be mascara, thanks tears). I basically just posted myself right in that spot, and turned a little bit to fit the photo that was being taken. Right after this I RAN back into the bridal suite to put some eyedrops in. It's the little memories :)

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